Dear Walker
On the way to Stevenson

I propose you to combine the pleasure of the effort with the comfort of the customized massage, relaxing, bracing, adapted to your needs. For it, i decided to be mobile and accessible to all with my camping-car and i come to meet you

Find Ma Cab'Ane Bien-être by planning your step at one of the partners below, ready to welcome you at any time on the GR70... See you soon

Care and Modeling

Come to awaken your senses using the specific essences and techniques of your practitioner with Naturals Products and Bio for a total respect of your skin !

Face care

1h : 55 €Suitable for skin types (Products Nuxe Gamme Bio)

Bubbling bath

10 min : 10 €For feet with Essential Oils
ou sels de bains20 min : 17 €

Body care

Scrub with natural salt and Vegetable oil Bio 20 min : 20 €
Wrap with red clay, green or white 30 min : 30 €
Scrub + wrapping 45 min : 40 €

Hair removal

eyebrows 8 €
Face(eyebrows, lip, chin) 15 €
axilla10 €
Half legs 15 €

Whole legs25 €
Maillot simple10 €
Maillot échancré15 €
Maillot intégral22 €

Massage with Essential Oils

20 min : 20 €Releases muscle tension and soothes (Back or legs - back legs + back)

Global massage with Essential Oils

30 min : 30 €Releases muscle tension and soothes (back or front of body)

Shiatsu Face

20 min : 25 €Technique based on the stimulation and regulation of the circulation of energy in the body to stimulate defense and self-healing capabilities, associated with relaxing maneuvers

Plantar Relaxation with Essential Oils

20 min : 25 €Relaxing massage based on stimulation of reflex points to revitalize the body organic system

Californian Massage with Essential Oils

55 min : 55 €Releases muscle tension and soothes (On the whole body)

Ayurvedic Massage

55 min : 60 €Rhythmic and tonic massage. Rebalances the energies between body and mind (on the whole body)

Bamboo massage

55 min : 60 €Draining and deep, it is advisable to fight against water back pressure, muscle aches and tensions. Realized with real pieces of bamboo (on the whole body)

Our massages are body massages of well-being and comfort, without medical purpose.
All our modelings with Essential Oils (E. O.) sont proposés au choix : Lavande, Genévrier ou Tea Three.
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Stopover in Velay

45 mn - 40 €

1 Generalized massage with Essential Oils (30 mn)
+ Bubbling bath of foot With Essential Oils of Verbena (15 mn)

Stopover in Lozere

45 mn - 50 €

Shiatsu face, foot reflexology with Essential Oils(30 mn)
+ Bubbling bath of foot With Essential Oils of Juniper (15 mn)

Stopover in Cévennes

1h10 - 65 €

Californian modeling at E.O. (55 mn)
+ Bubbling bath of foot with E. O. of rosemary (15 mn)

Oriental Package

1h20 mn - 80 €

Black Soap Scrub(20 mn)
+ Rhassoul wrap (30 mn)
Generalized modeling with Argan oil (30 mn)

Discovery package 2 days

90 €

foot reflexology (20 mn)
+ Bubbling bath of foot (20 mn)
• Californian Massage with Essential Oils

Package Cab'Ane 3 days

170 €

• shiatsu face and Foot reflexology with Essential Oils (30 mn)
+ Bubbling bath of foot (10 mn)
• Ayurvedic or Bamboo modeling (55 mn)
• Facial care adapted to the skin type or Modelage généralisé aux Huiles Essentielles
      + Wrapping of your choice (1h)

Your appointment points :
Vos points de rendez-vous sur le chemin de Stevenson


Les Terrasses du Lac

Hôtel*** - campsite*** - Restaurant


Les crémades

Guest rooms - Lodging of stage - host table


La Tartine de Modestine

Restaurant et accommodation


Le refuge du Moure

Rooms and tables d'hôtes